May 25-27, 2018 at NRW-Forum Düsseldorf

Piotr Mirowski

Research Scientist & Comedian

Albert aka Piotr Mirowski is a lovable nerd who dreams of the big stage. Lonely but resourceful, Albert builds himself a friend, whom he calls A.L.Ex, a unique computer creation running artificial intelligence. The human and the machine pair up to make a show based on your suggestions. Albert is the stage name of relatively weird and bombastic improviser Piotr Mirowski. The actual performer trained in Toulouse, New York and London, as an actor at the LSDA – London School of Dramatic Art and as an improviser with The ShowstoppersThe NurseryHoopla, teachers from UCB ComedyCity AcademyImprologyGotham City ImprovQUICKTHINKING! Improv and C cédille. Albert performed in several hundreds of shows, and was a member of New York-based improv volunteering charity Cherub Improv and London-based short form group Improvable. By day, Piotr is a research scientist in artificial intelligence who studied deep learning at New York University.

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